Where to find density map?

You could obtain population/employment data from Census or American Community Survey. Use ArcGIS to make a population/employment density map with unit area of 30*30 meter (the cell size of LEAM model). Next, make the required zipfile with 6 specific vector files .dbf, .prj. sbn, .sbx, .shp, .shx of density map in ArcGIS.

How to make mapfile?

Mapfile could be downloaded from the previously uploaded density map under the diversets. Its function is to locate the map in the google API on our website, so it does not need to be changed when density map updates.

What should be included in No Growth Map?

The No Growth Map include all areas that are not expected to develop in the futher, including flood zones, historic preservation areas, protected wetlands/forest/farmland,infrastructure zones and all no growth areas from zoning ordinance.


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